Getting comfortable self landing helps a lot when it comes to kite-surfing. 

There are 4 main techniques we use to do this… Above, you will see how you can use your safely leash as an anchor to self land your kite easily. You can also do this exact process in reverse to self launch. (see our other posts for that)

Full video instructional self-landing your kitesurfing kite using your leash as an anchor

​The Steps to self landing

  1. Find a strong anchor point

  2. Rest kite on the ground

  3. Detach leash from harness

  4. Wrap leash around anchor and back to itself

  5. Detach leash from safety line on bar and re attach to chicken loop

  6. Slowly allow tension on leash and anchor

  7. Walk to kite and secure

Self landing is an advanced technique and should only be performed by advanced riders.